Investment Philosophy

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We label our investment approach STRATEGIC to emphasize the overarching approach we take to financial management.

Our methodology starts with a global, macro-economic perspective, identifying and understanding the major forces affecting global economies and shaping the environments in which companies and governments must compete, prosper or perish.

From there, we identify fiscal, political and conjunctural forces that cause certain sectors of the economy, or certain regions of the world, to prosper while others lag behind.

Once we’ve gotten a firm grasp of the big picture , we concentrate on identifying the individual companies and sectors that are likely to thrive in that set of circumstances, and that is where we concentrate our investments.

But before we make an investment, we focus on the best time to make our move. Our 30 years of investing experience has taught us that timing an investment with care can make a huge impact on results. Heretic as it may seem to some, we believe that timing the market is not only possible, but it is crucial to any long term successful investment approach.

When developing investment solutions at Northstar, our focus is on your goals and aspirations. Our investment basket can be conservative, speculative or a combination of both. It’s not our choice, it is yours.

The portfolio can hold a choice of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, options, structured products and more. Like a custom suit “tailored without the use of a pre-existing pattern”, we measure a client’s time horizon, resources and risk tolerance carefully before developing a unique investment portfolio designed to enhance the client’s financial well-being.

And like a tailor needing to expand or take in a stitch to accomodate a cutomer’s changing phsyical circumstances, at Northstar we also know the importance of adapting a portfolio to the changing events of a client’s life.

We would consider it a privilege to hear from you.

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